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The history of Sint-Lukas Brussels goes back to the end of the nineteenth century. For over a century Sint-Lukas Brussel has been the only Flemish college of art and design in Brussels, the capital of Belgium and Europe. 2011 Sint-Lukas Brussel merged with Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst and the new name sounded LUCA School of Arts. Sint-Lukas Brussels provides specialist education and research in the fields of fine art, photography, graphic design, advertising design, comics, interior design, film, animation film and construction technology.

Courses taught:

Professional bachelor degree of Interior design (180 ECTS)

Professional bachelor degree of Building technology (180 ECTS)

Academic bachelor (180 ECTS) and master (60 ECTS) degree of Arts in Visual arts with majors in:

• Fine art

• Graphic communication with minors in graphic design, advertising design and illustration, • Photography.

Academic bachelor (180 ECTS) and master (60 ECTS) degree of Arts in Audio-visual arts with majors in:

• Animation film

• Film.

Erasmus Mundus master in documentary film (Doc nomads: 120 ECTS/English)

Advanced master of Arts in Transmedia (120 ECTS / English) Degrees, diplomas, certificates delivered:

Sint-Lukas Brussels delivers:

• Bachelor’s degrees

• Master’s degrees

• Advanced Master’s degrees

• Multiple degree (Erasmus Mundus Doc Nomads)

• Research degrees (through the faculty of Arts of the University of Leuven)

Inscription requirements: (scholarship level, tuition)

BA degree application:

MA degree application:

Tuition fee: Scholarships:


Inscription and/or entrance exam dates: Entrance exams bachelor degrees of arts: Test dates 2013-2014:

• July session : Thursday July 4th 2013 (first day) and Monday July 8th 2013 (second day) • September session: Thursday September 5th 2013 (first day) and Monday September 9th 2013 (second day)

Master application deadlines 2013-2014:

• July interviews : deadline of application : May 31st

• September interviews: deadline of application: August 15th

Director(s):campus Sint-Lukas Brussel: Maria De Smet a.i.

Paleizenstraat 70
1030 Brussel

T. +32/2 250 11 00

Web site URL:

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